More Money Saving Tips For Import Car Owners

Unlike in video games, money is a lot harder to come by in real life. We understand most people work hard to earn a living and every dollar should be spent wisely. Yet there are many import car owners who make silly mistakes daily when driving – mistakes that reduce their gas mileage, not to mention puts their vehicle at risk for damage and, consequently, expensive repairs. Everyone likes to save a little bit of money, so we’re going to continue with the theme of our first post and provide you with a few more great tips for reducing the operational costs of owning an import car.

  1. Be smart with your fuel purchases.

We’ve already gone over purchasing the right grade of gasoline for your import car, but there are other ways to save money when it comes to filling the tank as well. One way is to avoid overfilling. Once the gas pump clicks, your tank is full. Trying to “top off” the tank is not only a waste of money, but also potentially harmful to you, the environment, and your vehicle. The extra gasoline may spill or remain in the gas pump hose, neither of which is useful to you.

Another way to save money when filling up is to look for the lowest price or wait until there is a dip in the price if possible. This isn’t to say that you should risk driving around on an empty tank, but when possible avoid filling during price peaks. There are a number of mobile apps that will inform you of gas prices in your vicinity. This will help let you know when and where to fill up for the best price.

  1. Be a better driver.

We all like to believe that we’re the best drivers on the road, but the truth is many of us have a few bad habits that are drastically reducing our gas mileage, putting us at risk for an accident or traffic ticket, and wearing away at our cars. None of the above can be considered a good thing when it comes to protecting your wallet from heavy hits. So let’s take a look at some ways we can be gentler on our import cars while improving fuel efficiency in the next post. Spoiler: the bad habits include speeding and aggressive driving.

  1. Avoid idling.

Idling gets you an astounding 0 miles per gallon, yet it is a habit that many people have not yet kicked. Whether you are waiting to pick someone up or are just pulling over to look for directions, it is better to shut your engine off if you plan to be stopped for more than a minute. It takes less fuel to restart your engine than it does to idle.

  1. Easy on the air conditioning.

Summer can get hot, we understand. After all, we are from Springdale, Arkansas. Still, that’s no excuse to abuse the A/C more than you absolutely have to if you want to save some money. Park in the shade when the option is available, and use the flow-through ventilation if it is cool enough outside.