This blog was started by a couple of girls from Northwest Arkansas who love nothing more than freedom and video games. And the greatest source of our freedom in real life is the import cars we drive. We feel there are many people who would agree that being behind the wheel can feel like playing a game at times (although not a racing game – that would be dangerous).

I’m sure we can all agree the manual dexterity, hand-eye coordination, and fast reaction times you develop through playing video games can all help make you a safer and more competent driver. And that’s what we love about driving. It can take you on an adventure and requires a certain amount of skill to make it to your destination. Most of all, how smoothly your trip goes is directly a consequence of how well you have maintained your vehicle. You’re in complete control, and that’s what freedom is.

So we have gotten together to write this blog for other import car owners. Here, we will share a few “cheats” with you to help you get the most out of your vehicle, whether it’s an Asian economy car or a fine European sports car, we are going to provide you with a few tricks and tips to ensure top performance and fuel efficiency. We love our import cars and we know many of you do as well. A car isn’t exactly a cheap investment, but it’s one that’s well worth it for the ease and convenience of transportation, as well as just the simple pride of ownership. Keep your car in peak condition with proper care and maintenance to ensure that it lasts you for many, many years. Our advice will help you avoid costly mistakes and expensive repairs.

To coronate the launch of our blog, here is a money saving tip for import car owners:

  • Read the owner’s manual. There’s actually some pretty valuable information in there, including the recommended maintenance schedule for your vehicle. By spending a small amount on proper maintenance, you can avoid major issues and hefty repair bills down the line. Much of the maintenance can be done by import car owners themselves without any fancy tools or equipment. Things such as changing the oil or replacing the air filter do not take much time and are easy to learn how to do. In addition to keeping your car in tip-top shape, you can also avoid being ripped off by businesses that try to convince you to bring your car in for maintenance more than necessary. Proper maintenance is good, but extra maintenance won’t make your import car any better. Another key piece of information you will find in the owner’s manual is the recommended grade of gasoline for your car. Don’t pay extra for premium if you car doesn’t need it – you will receive absolutely no benefit of improved performance.